The Hotter’N Hell Hundred has long been considered the “Ride of Passage” for Texas cyclists. One thing that we have learned over the years is that you will enjoy the experience more if you are well prepared.

As I have been cycling in North Texas I noticed that people who participated in the events leading up to the Hotter’N Hell Hundred were better prepared for the rigors of the wind, heat and hills that give the event its’ name.

In our quest to help you get prepared for the HHH, we present a 4 ride series called the Road to Hotter’N Hell

Are You Ready for a BAG?

Sometimes you need a Big Awesome Goal to get motivated – and this ride fits the bill. The Hotter’N Hell is loaded with challenges – Heat and Wind being the biggest challenges – then they add a few hills in just the right places – and 20+ miles of headwind in the last miles of the 100 mile route. Through the years I have noticed that the people who handle these challenges the best are the people who are out cycling in area rides leading up to the HHH. This little secret motivated me to put together a ride series that would help you get ready for the BIG ride in Wichita Falls.

The Road to Hotter’N Hell is a bundle of 4 small community bike rides that are in the final weeks leading up to the Hotter’N Hell. Each ride in our series features challenging routes and a variety of distances blended with Texas Hospitality. We’ve ridden these rides for decades and know that they are all committed to providing an excellent ride experience. Here’s how it works.

When you register for the RTHH you are automatically registered for all 4 of our featured rides (unless you pick the 3 ride option). Single registrations are available (no tandem registration rate is available). All registrations include one of our Limited Edition Jerseys. After you register for the RTHH Series you will be provided a code and store link to use to order your jersey. We’re even paying the shipping fee so that your jersey is delivered to your home.

Each ride will send you a confirmation so that you can get your packet, t-shirt and other goodies before the ride or on the day of the ride. Here are our featured rides and their scheduled dates:

Peach Pedal                       July 8, 2023               Weatherford, TX                             Routes of 8, 28, 38 and 60 miles

Tour de Paris                     July 15, 2023             Paris, TX                                           Routes of 20, 24, 35, 57, 68 and 80 miles

The Goatneck                   July 29, 2023              Cleburne, TX                                   Routes of 10, 27, 41 and 70 miles

Blazin’ Saddle 75             August 5, 2023            Granbury, TX                                  Routes of 20, 40, 62 and 75 miles

Here is the jersey design for 2022.

Your RTHH registration/confirmation will provide a code and instructions on how to order your jersey. Jerseys will be shipped before the Peach Pedal.

There will NOT be a separate check-in location for RTHH participants. You will receive a confirmation from each ride with instructions/information about their event (routes, packet pick-up, schedules and more). I will be at each event to make sure that everything goes well.

Registration for our ride bundles opens on January 1, 2023 and closes on April 1, 2023

3 of our featured rides (you pick which ones) + jersey = $194.95

All 4 featured rides + jersey = $234.95

Road to Hotter’N Hell Registration

Questions? Click the link in the lower right corner to send me an email.

Stay safe and Ride On!

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