The Hotter’N Hell Hundred has long been considered the “Ride of Passage” for Texas cyclists. One thing that we have learned over the years is that you will enjoy the experience more if you are well prepared.

As I have been cycling in North Texas I noticed that people who participated in a training program leading up to the Hotter’N Hell Hundred were better prepared for the rigors of the wind, heat and hills that give the event its’ name.

In our quest to help you get prepared for the HHH, we present The Ultimate Training Program and Ride Weekend Experience

Let’s Get Ready for the Biggest Ride in Texas

This year is the 40th Anniversary of what has become the “Ride of Passage” for Texas Cyclists. Having been a part of the event since 1987, I felt that this historic ride provided a unique opportunity for me to share my favorite ride. This ultimate package includes more personal service and special features than we have ever offered. Check it out and see if you want to be one of the small group of 12 cyclists who will share this experience of getting ready for and participating in the Hotter’N Hell.

Train for Your Goal

The first thing that we’ll do is have a personal consultation to discuss your goals for the ride. If you have ridden before, maybe you want a faster time or just to finish without cramping or bonking. If it is your first time, maybe you want to ride farther than you ever have, ride your first 100 miles or just have a successful ride in Wichita Falls. We’ll design a training plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training Rides                            

The Road to Hotter’N Hell (RTHH) Training Program includes 3 personal 2 hour training rides (1 per month) that will be scheduled at your convenience. When we ride together, we’ll focus on basic techniques to improve your efficiency and awareness while on the bike. We’ll also discuss items that are of interest to you to help build your cycling knowledge and skills.

Group Training Rides

Beginning in June, our group will meet once per week in the evening for a performance oriented training ride. These rides are planned and managed in such a way that each participant works at their own appropriate level of intensity. We’ll alternate the type of sessions each week, with each session designed to help you build power and strength while practicing big efforts in the heat.

Saturday Rides

Each month we’ll participate in 2 area rallies and have one rural ride on our own. At each of these rides, all group members will have their own goals to achieve as they learn about course/ride management, dealing with hills, wind, heat, fueling, hydrating and more.

Please refer to our Benefits/Packages document below for details on our schedule and events

A plan to guide you, personal training rides to focus you, group training rides to build strength and Saturday rides to build your confidence, skills and endurance. Now let’s look at the ride experience.

Ride Weekend Experience

While the first part of our program concentrates on getting ready for the ride, this portion concentrates on the weekend of the ride. We’ve got all sorts of cool stuff added that will make this a pleasant experience.

Golden Wheel

Our program includes a Golden Wheel registration for the Endurance Ride. This package includes special edition apparel, reserved parking at the ride start site (MPEC), a group dinner Friday evening, a special start position at the front of the crowd and a hospitality tent at the finish. Check out the details here

Need a Place to Stay?

Members of our group can claim one of our reservations at the Hampton Inn at Sykes Center Mall. I even have a back roads route to help you avoid the traffic jams heading to the start.

Come join me on the Road to the Hotter’N Hell

Check out our training calendar and list of benefits *(simply click the link).


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