Are you planning to ride in Wichita Falls on August 25th?


If you are – we’ve got a new program for you called Ride Guides. Our Ride Guides will lead 5 different Pace Packs: 19mph, 17mph and 15mph on the 100 mile route plus 17mph and 15mph on the 62 mile course. These groups will be utilizing  select rest stops on their routes. Our Ride Guides will assist the group in managing the ride safely while providing guidance to keep the group pace.


Here is a list of what we’ll provide at the HHH


We’ll help you get ready for the ride

When you register for Ride Guides you’ll receive a copy of Train Smart (our training guide), a copy of Ride Smart (our tips for group rides and long distance cycling) and an outline of suggested events and distances from now through August 25.

Come Ride With Me “On The Road To The HHH”


Beginning in April, I’ll be participating in a number of rallies as I get ready for my 32nd HHH. As a Ride Guides participant, you’ll be invited to ride with me and pick up a few tips as we build our fitness together.


I’ve been in love with this ride since I discovered it in 1987. After years of training others for the ride and participating in it as well, I decided to focus my  efforts on making the weekend as enjoyable and memorable as possible. With over 10,000 people participating in the event, we can help you sort through the challenges and enjoy your journey. I look forward to riding with you!

You can get it all for just $234.95

Satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back!

Space is limited to 12 riders per pace pack


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