In 1974, while attending classes at Richland College, Mike Keel saw a film that would change his life. The film was "Run For Your Life" and it was made by Dr. Kenneth Cooper. At that time the running craze was new and "aerobics" was not something that many people had heard of. That would all change in the years that followed. But at that time, in that place, Mike Keel was 19 years old and about to find a new path in life.

Taking the new lessons of physical fitness that he learned from people like Bill Neal, Tom McLaughlin and Jo Ann Jagers (all instructors at Richland College), Keel began a physical transformation. With proper nutrition and weight training, Keel went from unhealthy and scrawny to healthy and solid. Over an 18 month period, his weight went from 120 lbs to 145 lbs - a weight that he has maintained since that time. It was during this time that he discovered the benefits, values and enjoyment of riding a bicycle. Cycling became a major part of his aerobic conditioning plan and eventually his method of transportation. Commuting by bicycle also became a part of his daily routine.

During the years that followed, Keel worked in the fitness industry as an instructor, teaching professional and manager. Keel did not own a car from 1984 through 1999. It was during that time that one of his neighbors gave him the nickname "Bikin' Mike". In 1987, Keel began working part time in the cycling industry teaching clinics and providing technical support at area cycling events. By the late 90's, Keel was working full time for the North Texas Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society - as Director of the MS150 Bike Tour - an event that he first rode in 1987. In 2000, he left the MS Society and opened up the Bikin' Blast Training Center in Plano TX.

Beginning in 2000, Keel built a team of supporters and a group of events (Collin Classic from 2001 through 2012, Tour Dallas from 2003 through 2014) that are considered some of the best in our area. In 2010, that group of activities and events became Fun Bikin' Enterprises.

If you want to get more fun and fitness out of your cycling - or just need help getting started, check out Bikin' Mike's clinics, workshops and training rides. If you need a more personal approach, Bikin' Mike also works with clients to develop training plans, improve their training results or simply educate them about gears, hills, weight loss and more.

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