What began as one man's search for aerobic fitness became a passion. The pursuit of the passion earned the nickname "Bikin' Mike". The nickname became the name for the business. The business outgrew the name, so here we are.

In other words, in 1974 Mike Keel began pursuing fitness on a Schwinn Varsity that he purchased for $25 at a garage sale. After 8 years and some 40,000 miles, cycling had become a passion. Later, in 1986, Keel was given the nickname of Bikin' Mike. In 1987, he began working in the cycling community providing clinics, training and technical support at area rallies. In 2000, after a 3 year position with the North Texas Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society directing the MS150, Keel decided to open up the Bikin' Blast Training Center. From this simple base grew a collection of cycling activities, far outrunning the nickname that started it off.

Please visit all the areas of our site to see if there is some way that we can help you get more smiles per mile out of your cycling!

If you have any questions about us, what we do or how you can get involved, please send an email to Bikin' Mike.

If you don't ride with us, we hope that you ride somewhere!